Simbi Stars are a feature that empower you to earn points every time you Read Along and Narrate.

How do I earn Simbi Stars?

When you Read Along or Narrate on Simbi you earn Simbi Stars for starting to read a book and completing a book. To complete a book that you've already started reading, you can click "keep going" on the book as it appears in your Simbi Reading Journey. You also earn Simbi Stars for completing Read Along and Narrate assignments within Simbi!

Simbi Stars are earned via the following earning schema:

  • Completed a Read Along: 11 Simbi Stars

  • Completed Narrating: 33 Simbi Stars

What can I do with the Simbi Stars that I've earned?

As you earn more Simbi Stars new Simbian Avatars will be made available in your Journey!

What can I do if it appears that I am missing Simbi Stars?

Simbi Stars are earned when you both start and complete a reading. If you leave your book after starting it and come back later to complete it, finish Reading Along or Narrating and click "Finish" to earn more Simbi Stars.

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