Why use Groups?

You can organize readers for any purpose! Some common examples are:

  • Grouping students in a class by differentiated levels

  • Quickly accessing students' reading journeys and giving assignments

  • Organizing a book club with family or friends! #ReadForGood

  • Tracking a child's journey at home — we see you, parents!

  • Coordinating a Read-A-Thon


Here's a video overview of how to create and manage groups in Simbi:

Creating Groups and Adding Students

Step 1: Creating and Joining Groups

  1. From the menu on the left, click on "Groups"

  2. Click " + ADD A GROUP" at the top right corner:
    - CREATE: Start a new group. You will be the group manager.
    - JOIN: Join a group someone else has created. You will be a group member.

  3. Add a name and description. Members of the group will see these.

  4. Click on "Create". Done! Select "Take me there" to see the group you've created.

  5. Add Students to your Group.

Step 2: Adding students

Option 1: Transferring existing students

If you already have students associated with your educator account, you can transfer them between different groups. Click "Add Students" then click the pink "I'll add students from my existing list". From here you can select one or multiple students to be added into the group.

Option 2: Adding students who already have an account, but not with you OR who will create their own accounts using email

If you know students already have a Simbi account, or you want them to create their own account with an email, click "Add Students" then click the orange "My students will create their own accounts" button for the magic join link.

Have students use the magic join link to be added into the group from their accounts.

Option 3: Creating accounts on behalf of your students (no email required)

If you want to create accounts for your students, you can click the pink "I'll create accounts for my students" button, and add in their information.

You can include parent and/or student emails for automatic Weekly Progress Reports, updates on narrations, and more.

NOTE: Students do not need an email for this option. These login credentials WILL ONLY BE DISPLAYED ONCE, so be sure to save the information in a safe place.

Managing your Group

In your group, you'll see all the readers who have joined.

Group features:

  • Click on the pencil icon to edit the Group name or description

  • Assess students with Reading Competency Assessments

  • Add readers by clicking on the + Add Students

  • Set reading goals to motivate your students

  • Create Assignments for the group or individual students

  • Add another Group Administrator: school admin, teachers, learning support workers, etc.

  • The readers' names or userID will be listed here

  • Edit students: change passwords, view a reader's journey, delete readers from the group.

Deleting your Group

1. To delete a group you created, click on the Trash icon in the top right corner of the Groups page.

2. Click on the Trash icon next to the groups you want to delete.

Note: This action cannot be undone!

3. Select "Finish Deleting" in the top right corner of the page to return to your remaining Groups.

There you have it! Everything you need to know about Groups.

We know this page holds a lot of information. If you ever need help, simply reach out through the little chat icon!

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