What is a TellMe and why should I use it?

TellMe lets readers submit a verbal summary of a story — from Simbi or elsewhere!
TellMe is also a wonderful tool for sending verbal feedback and encouragement.

Educators & Parents:

  • Educators and parents can assign a TellMe in their groups, then listen in and assess learners' comprehension and summary skills

  • Studies have shown retelling is an effective tool in improving and assessing reading comprehension.

  • Send instant verbal feedback or encouragement to learners


  • TellMe helps demonstrate that you understood the story you read

  • You can practice summarizing stories, or share your thoughts on the book

  • You can get social! Send messages to Teachers and Reading Buddies

Here's a video overview of how to use TellMe in Simbi as an educator:

Using TellMe — Educators & Parents

Educators and parents can assign, listen in, and respond to a TellMe in groups they own.

  • You can require a TellMe with stories that you assign

  • Click the pink TellMe button in your Assignment page to listen in and assess learners' comprehension and summary skills

  • Give instant verbal feedback and encouragement to your learners by responding to their TellMe

Using TellMe — Learners

1. Complete an assigned Simbi reading:

  • Once finished your reading, you will be prompted to record a TellMe.

  • Click the pink microphone button to record, review, and submit.
    - Make sure your Microphone Settings are enabled on your browser!

2. Send a new TellMe (for a book that is not on Simbi, or to send a message)!

  • From the Menu on the left, click on TellMe.

  • Click Add a TellMe to record your voice. When finished, hit Save.

  • You may write in a Title and Description for your TellMe. Click Save.

Listening to and Sharing a TellMe:

  • From the TellMe page, click on a TellMe to listen back to it

  • You can pause, play, adjust the volume and speed

  • Scroll through the audio waves to jump forward or backward in the recording

  • Share your TellMe with teachers, parents, and friends by sending the link!

  • This is also where you can reply to a response on your TellMe

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