Why use Assignments?

  • Assign books for Read Along or Narrate to any reader in your group: students, a book club, a read-a-thon, or fun at home.

  • Track when readers have started or completed assignments

  • Educators and parents can listen in and assess readers' fluency

  • Download a .csv report for records and reports

Watch an overview video of assignments in Simbi:

How to Create and Share an Assignment
Educators & Group Leaders

Note: To send an assignment to a reader, they must belong to one of the groups you have created.

Selecting a Book

  1. From the menu on the left, click on Library

  2. Select a book, and click Assign

Setting up the Assignment

  1. Once you've clicked Assign, the Assignment menu will open up.

  2. Choose whether the reader should Narrate or Read Along to the book.

  3. Describe the Assignment: Add a Title, Directions and Due Date to give readers clear guidelines. Click Next.

  4. Assign story to multiple groups or individuals for differentiated learning. Click Next.

  5. Review the details and make sure directions are clear for the recipient.

  6. Assign by clicking Save & Assign, or click Save and assign it later. Once you assign it, the recipient will receive an email and in-app notification.

Assignment Tools — Educators & Group Leaders

From the Assignments page, click on the Created By Me tab at the top

  • Each assignment is listed showing the name, due date, and whether a Narrate or Read Along is required.

Click on an assignment to view or edit its details, to see your readers' progress, or to complete an assessment:

  • Here you can see if or when they have completed the assignment.

  • If you've assigned a Narrate, you'll be able to listen to the reading, see the WCPM, and listen to the TellMe.

  • Here you can edit or delete your assignment, or view it as a student

  • You can also complete a Reading Competency assessment (RCA)

Assignments You've Received — Learners & Readers

You should be notified by email or by Simbi notifications next to your Simbi Avatar.
You can also check your Journey to see if you have an upcoming assignment.

Click the email, notification, Journey bubble, or go to Assignments in the left-hand menu in Simbi

  • Click on Assigned To Me at the top to view all of the assignments you've received.

  • Each assignment will list the name, due date, whether you have to Narrate or Read Along, and if a TellMe is required.

To complete the assignment, click on it, then press Start Assignment at the top right.

See the articles on how to Narrate or Read Along if you need help! If you Narrate, you may include a TellMe of the story.

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