What is Narrate?

Narrate (formerly Read Aloud) is a feature that records you reading a book out loud. Your voice recording is used to teach others around the world to read.

Narrating is a great way to Read for Good, improve your memory, and track your reading progress!

Why Narrate?

  • Studies show that you are more likely to remember something if you read it out loud. This phenomenon is known as the Production Effect.

  • Narrate in Simbi enables the dual action of speaking and hearing oneself read, which has the most beneficial impact on memory.

  • When you record yourself narrating, Simbi turns your voice recording into an Audio-Visual Book and adds it to the library. Readers around the world can improve their literacy by listening to your voice narrating the story!

  • You can share your narrations with your loved ones near and far

  • Educators and parents can listen to recorded narrations anytime, which makes for easy tracking of number of books read, words correct, and literacy progress!

Watch an overview video of how to Narrate in Simbi:

How do I Narrate on Simbi?

  1. Pick a book! Select a book from the Simbi library.

  2. Click Narrate. Press the microphone button to start and stop recording.

  3. Start Reading! Use a clear, steady voice. You can pause at any time. To re-record a page, click on the trash can icon by the audio file, and start record again.

  4. Finished a page? Listen to it and make sure the sound is clear.

  5. Complete each page. If it sounds good, click on the checkbox beside the record button. You can also jump between pages using the table of contents on the right.

  6. All done! Double check that there is a check mark beside each page in the table of contents. Click on the check mark on the last page to complete the book.

  7. Once you’re done, try reading another book!

Example Scenarios & Users

Casual Reader

You enjoy reading, and always loved when your parents or siblings used to read you bedtime stories. You want to share your love for reading with the children you know, and let them just listen and enjoy the story.

To share the gift of reading, you Narrate on Simbi. You start by selecting a book from the library, click Narrate, then start recording yourself reading. Once you’ve completed your recording, you share the book with your nieces and nephews so they can enjoy your story.

Classroom Learners

You are an educator and are teaching a lesson on cultures around the world. By the end of the unit, you want your students to complete a project that demonstrates cultural diversity and social responsibility. You decide to use Simbi to host a read-a-thon.

You kick off the read-a-thon project with a story about Avir:

Avir is a student at Jonathan Netanyehu Memorial School in Uganda. Avir enjoys listening to books on Simbi because he gets to hear another students voice and pronunciation, which helps him improve his literacy.

Your students have one week to Narrate on Simbi. Throughout the week, they pick a book to narrate written by an author from a country like India or Uganda.

After one week, you log into Simbi as an educator and see the books each student has read! Your students feel excited because they’ve learnt about new cultures and are helping people around the world learn to read.

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