Set Up My Class on Simbi

Step 1: Sign Up for Simbi

Sign up as at using your school email and start your Simbi journey as an educator!

Step 2: Create a Reading Group for Your Class

Create a group for your class on Simbi. You can add students in 2 ways:

  • by creating accounts on their behalf,

  • by sharing the "magic join link" to create their own accounts by email, or have them join the group using an existing Simbi login.

TIP: students can easily login with Google Accounts!

More details on groups here: Groups

Step 3: Assign Your First Story

In your Group, use the “Create Assignment” button to assign a story for your class to read along to or narrate!

You can differentiate learning for your students by assigning stories to whole groups, or individual students based on their reading journey needs.

Empower your students to impact global literacy and gain volunteer hours through our partnership with the United Nations.

Step 4: Listen In to Your Students' Progress

Listen in to your students’ readings, track progress, and tailor differentiated assignments.

Happy reading!

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