Transfer Students to New Class or Group

Check out this comprehensive video for adding new or existing students, and managing your groups.

Step 1: Create your new group or go to the group into which you want to add students

From the left-hand menu, click "Groups".

Create a new group: Click "+ Add a Group"


Select the group into which you want to add or transfer students.

Step 2: Add students

Option 1: Transferring existing students

If you already have students associated with your educator account, you can transfer them between different groups.

  • Click "Add Students" then click the pink "I'll add students from my existing list".

  • From here you can select one or multiple students to be added into the group.

Option 2: Adding students who already have an account, but not with you OR who will create their own accounts using email

  • Click "Add Students"

  • Select the orange "My students will create their own accounts" button for the magic join link.

  • Share the magic join link with students. When they click it and sign in, they'll added into the group from their accounts.

Option 3: Creating accounts on behalf of your students (no email required)

  • Click the pink "I'll create accounts for my students" button

  • Add in their information.

  • You can include parent and/or student emails for automatic Weekly Progress Reports, updates on narrations, and more.

NOTE: Students do not need an email for this option. These login credentials WILL ONLY BE DISPLAYED ONCE, so be sure to save the information in a safe place.

Step 3: Delete an old group

1. To delete a group you created, click on the Trash icon in the top right corner of the Groups page.

2. Click on the Trash icon next to the groups you want to delete.

Note: This action cannot be undone!

3. Select "Finish Deleting" in the top right corner of the page to return to your remaining Groups.

Step 4: Remove a student

You can remove students that you no longer teach.

  1. In the Students tab on your Dashboard, click on the 3-dot menu on the student's activity row.

  2. Click "Remove Student," then select the group from which to remove the student. Be careful - this cannot be undone!

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