With Adrienne Gear's fluency passages, checking in on reading fluency is a cinch.

1. Assign students the appropriate fluency passage to narrate.

The Fluency Passages Teacher Guide provides links to each passage according to the beginning, middle and end of each grade from Kindergarten to Grade 7.

You can also find the passages in the Library, under the "Type" filter, labeled "Fluency Passages."

Assign the fluency passage that matches the expected level of your students. Click the "Require a TellMe" toggle & ask students to retell a summary of the story.

Note: When students join Simbi for the first time, the fluency passage associated with their selected grade level will automatically appear in their journey for them to narrate.

2. Listen-In to students' narrations & TellMes.

From your Dashboard, click on the "Students" tab.

Choose the student you would like to listen to, and click "View Activity," the button furthest to the right on the student's row.

Select the fluency passage that you asked them to read. Listen-In to your student's reading, paying careful attention to pace, phrase, punctuation, intonation, self-correcting, and sounding out.

NEW: View students' running record.

Then, listen to your student's TellMe at the end of the story to check if they were able to comprehend the events of the story in their verbal summary.

3. Assess students with the Reading Competency Assessment (RCA).

In the top right corner of the Listen-In page, you'll see a small glasses icon. Click this to open up the Reading Competency Assessment form.

The RCA includes drop-down rubrics to help you understand and assess your students' reading levels.

If your student is able to read the story with accurate fluency and excellent reading skills, they may need to move up reading levels. If they struggle with the assigned fluency passage, they may need to move down reading levels.

Happy Reading! ๐Ÿ“š ๐Ÿงก

Note: While Simbi is always improving its accuracy, always rely on your professional judgment in creating appropriate reading & literacy plans for your learners. Levels on Simbi are meant to be teacher tools and are intended to help teachers support their students as they move along the reading development continuum in guided reading lesson.

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