Editing a student's information

You can edit the information of student accounts that you have created on the student's behalf.

Step 1: Go to Groups, and select the Group to which the student belongs.

Step 2: Select "Edit" on the student you would like to edit.

Step 3: Change the information as required.

If a student created their own account, they can edit their own account settings.


"There is already an account with this email address"

If you're seeing the message "There is already an account with this email address," it's because deleting a student from a group does not delete the student's account.

If you've accidentally deleted a student from a group...

Add a student back into a group by clicking on the Group, and clicking "+ Add Students" in the top right corner. If the student has an account that they or you created (either through email or through generated Simbi credentials), use the orange link option. Once they click it and accept, they'll be automatically added back into the group.

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