4 practical ways to help struggling readers with Simbi

1. Read Along - make connections between sight and sound

Listening to a story while reading the words on the page can help form strong & lasting connections between what is heard and what is seen. This can increase students' concentration, letter recognition, and understanding. Simbi's Read Along, narrated by learners around the globe, is a fantastic tool to increase fluency.

2. Narrate - reading out loud and the "production effect"

Studies have shown that reading aloud increases focus and pushes sentences read into long-term memory more quickly than scanning the page silently (Forrin & McLeod 2017). Simbi's Narrate triggers the "production effect" as learners read out loud. They can also listen back to their recording for additional support.

3. Use the Digital Highlighter - reduce distractions by keeping the eyes focused

Focusing the eyes on certain words, phrases or whole sentences can drastically increase reading success. Simbi's Read Along & Narrate both offer a digital highlighter to display as one reads. Make sure they are "enabled" under page settings in a story.

4. Adjust Text Settings - improve text visibility, increase focus & understanding

When reading along, use features that help distinguish between individual letters and words. Simbi's "Aa" text settings button enables the adjustment of font type, letter size, letter spacing, line spacing, and the colour of page background contrast.

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