Last Update: November 1, 2020

Simbi is on a mission to inspire readers to read more books, more often, for good.

To achieve this, our team works hard to create a safe environment that is accessible and to all without worry. Simbi uses automated data points and manual quality assurance reviews to routinely vet content and narrations to maintain our high standard of quality.

Simbi Standards:

The safety and learning of our reader community is Simbi’s highest priority. We expect any content received from authors, publishers, and narrators to match the same wholesome educational standard that we uphold. The discovery of inappropriate content in licensed materials or narrations may result in the termination of partnership and contract, as well as, your ability to contribute to the Simbi community in future as described in our Terms of Service, which is available for your review at

Your feedback improves the Simbi experience for everyone:

We must rely on each other in the Simbi community to help foster a safe educational space. Spam, illegal activity, unsolicited advertising, offensive or hurtful behaviour, misuse of Simbi’s products, unauthorized use of copyrighted material, or impersonation will not be tolerated.

Though we may be a tech company, we are only human. To help us maintain a wholesome learning environment, we ask that you flag any words, pages, images, or narrations you come across that may cause offense. Our team treats these matters with the highest urgency, and will investigate and remove any content that the community brings to our attention as we hold the quality of your Simbi experience to the highest standard of these Community Guidelines.

How we action your feedback:

  • Any Simbi user can bring a matter to our attention by clicking on the red feedback flag button on a specific page of a book, sending us an email, or using our chat widget.

  • Simbi team members frequently and routinely review reports, triaging them to address the most pressing issues with the highest priority.

  • The most appropriate member of the Simbi team investigates the report, and executes actionable steps to fix the issue.

  • Once addressed, Simbi provides feedback and support to the initial reporter.

  • If needed, Simbi will share a broader community notice or message.

If you, or an individual or organization that you assist in accessing Simbi, have any questions or comments regarding our Community Guidelines, please reach out to us at [email protected]. You can reach Simbi by mail at: 700 W 16th Avenue Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 1S7, Canada.

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