Group Leaderboards

Your Simbi Groups have transformed into Leaderboards

Our goal with this feature is to motivate readers to spend more time reading out loud, and to develop healthy reading habits.

Students can track books and narration times as they work towards earning a coveted spot on podium.

How it Works

  • Leaderboards track narration time, so learners can be proud of their impact as they read for good, without worrying about comparing fluency.

  • The leaderboard only displays the narration time for completed books. Ensure you and your readers are clicking "Finish" when narrating stories to count the narration minutes.

  • The group goal informs the leaderboard. Only narrations that are completed within the dates of the group goal will appear in the leaderboard.

Challenge your students to work together to reach the group goal, or start a class read-a-thon!

Disable the Group Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is on by default. If you’d prefer to hide the leaderboard for your group, you can disable it through the Group Settings.

How will you use the Leaderboard to boost your learners’ reading motivation?

Perhaps you want to challenge your students through a read-a-thon competition or inspire them to work together to reach your group goal?

Happy Reading! 📚🧡

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