Volunteer Certificates Show Volunteer Hours Time

Volunteer hours time is a cumulative metric that includes all time spent narrating a book, including narration recording time, plus time spent reviewing and editing the narration of a book.

Your volunteer certificate will only display your volunteer hours time. Please note that volunteer hours time only includes narrations that are above a 33% accuracy rate.

Group Leaderboards Show Narration Time

The Group Leaderboard only displays the time spent recording a narration, and only narrations recorded within the group reading goal dates.

The Group Leaderboard automatically adds your narration time next to your name on the Group Leaderboard after you have completed your narration and have pressed "finish" on the last page of the story to submit your narration.

Your narration does not need to be approved or added to the Library before your narration time is added to the Group Leaderboard. However, editing your narration after receiving a rejection notification may result in your narration time being temporarily reduced on the Group Leaderboard. You will regain your narration time after you edit your narration and press "finish" on the last page of the story to resubmit your narration.

Thank you for sharing your narrations with our global community of readers!

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