Educators can optionally add learners and others to their group by uploading a CSV spreadsheet file with their students' information.

  1. Choose the group you want to add members in, and click on 'Add Members'.

  2. Click on 'Create accounts for members', and then on 'Import Members - Upload a CSV'.

  3. Download the sample CSV file.

  4. Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet editor, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

  5. Delete the second and third row.

  6. Enter the details of your group members, using one row for each member.

  7. Save this spreadsheet as a CSV file.

  8. On Google Sheets, click on 'File', and then 'Download', and finally 'Comma separated values (.csv, current sheet)'.

  9. On Excel, click on 'File', and then 'Save As', and choose 'CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)'. In most cases, CSV will be selected by default.

  10. On Apple Numbers, click on 'File', and then 'Export To', and finally 'CSV'.

  11. On Simbi, press Next.

  12. Drag and drop your saved CSV file into the file selector, or click on 'Pick a File' and choose your saved CSV file.

  13. Click on 'Upload'.

  14. Review your members' information, and click on 'Save'.

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