The purpose of the group leaderboard is to motivate readers to narrate books. It provides a friendly competition among a group, where they are inspired to read more books than their peers. It also provides updates on the groups' progress as a whole, so that they can work together to meet their group's reading goal.

The leaderboard tracks completed narration time that falls within the group goal dates. When a member of a group completes a narration, their exact narration time will be added to the leaderboard. Incomplete narrations will not appear. Narrations that are completed outside of the dates set for the group goal will not appear. For example, if my Group Goal dates were March 22-April 22 and I completed reading a book on March 21, it would not appear on my leaderboard.

The group admin (educator or reader) has the option to disable the leaderboard in Group Settings.By default, the leaderboard will be enabled for a group. To disable it, the admin needs to go into their Group Settings.

By default, the group goal dates begin the day the group was created and end 30 days later. The Group Goal book goal default is 100. The group admin can change the dates by clicking the 'Edit' button beside the group goal.

The top 3 narrators on the leaderboard will appear on the main group page, only after they complete their first narration. If only one user completes a narration, then only one narrator will appear on the leaderboard.

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