There are three ways to read a book on Simbi. Each one has a specific purpose, and you get to choose how you read.

Narrate is a reading mode where you can record your voice as you read. On each page of the book there is a record button. To narrate, just press the record button to start and then press pause to stop. When you press the 'next' button, your voice recording will be saved for that page. When you get to the end of the book, press 'finish' to complete the book.

You'll have the option to submit your narration for approval. If your recording meets Simbi's narration standards, your narration will be added for others on Read Along mode.

Read Along is a mode where you can listen to the words being read to you, as you follow along with the words. This is a great way to improve your reading skills and gain confidence before you narrate on your own. Read along with other readers from around the world and enjoy listening to many different narrator accents!

Silent Read is an ebook format, with no audio or recording options. This is a good option if you are in a situation that isn't great for narrating and you aren't able to listen to a book read out loud.

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