What is Simbi Reading Coach?

Simbi Reading Coach (SRC) is a responsive, online supplemental reading program for learners 6 - 12 years old. SRC supports non-native English speakers in increasing their language skills while building a genuine passion for reading at an early age. Our highly skilled coaches customize the curriculum to meet the specific needs of each learner and instruct 1:1 online sessions based on Personalized Reading Plans to work on reading goals. Learners are motivated to read through our interactive, engaging online platform and extensive diverse global library.

How do I get started with Simbi Reading Coach?

  1. Parent attends a free Orientation Session with one of our Simbi experts.

  2. Child attends a Reading Assessment Session with a reading coach.

  3. Parent attends an Assessment Review Session to look over the child’s assessment report and the personalized plan.

  4. Family subscribes to Simbi Reading Coach for personalized 1:1 reading sessions with a custom-matched Simbi coach & unlimited access to the Simbi reading platform.

How does Simbi Reading Coach work?

  • Learners meet with their reading coach for a 30 minute one-on-one online session, once a week.

  • Coaches assign books for the learner to read in between sessions in the state-of-the-art Simbi reading platform.

  • Coaches monitor and track learner’s reading activity during the week and provide feedback on the platform.

  • Learners have unlimited access to thousands of books any time of day to read on the Simbi Journey and create a global impact with their voice!

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