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🏡 Did you know that you can read on Simbi at school and at home, for free? That's right! You can use the same Simbi username and password at school and at home. You can read anytime and on any device!

💻 To get started, just sign in at Enter your username and password. You could also click on the Google or Microsoft buttons if your account was set up with your school email.

🗺 Once you sign in, you will land in your Journey. The books on your Journey path should be the top books for your reading level. After you have read along or narrated a book, it won't be suggested for you to read again. Your completed books will appear on the path behind you, and you can click on them to listen-in to your narration or re-read books you've read before.

🔓 Click on your Simbian avatar on your Journey to open up the Simbian selector. As you earn stars, you'll unlock new Simbians. You can change your avatar anytime!

📈 Check out your progress by clicking the 'My Activity' icon on the left. There, you'll be able to see all of your previously read books, see your reading summary, and also view your volunteer certificate.

If you have any questions, please click on the 'Help' icon and chat with one of our friendly Simbians.

Happy Reading!

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