If you have subscribed to Simbi for Educators (or are on a 2-week trial), you have the ability to create and manage groups. Groups are where you manage learner accounts and track reading progress. You can either keep all of your learners in one group or divide your learners into groups based on reading levels or specific needs.

If you want to create learner accounts, you must first create a group.

How to Create a Group:
1. Click the 'Groups' icon on the menu bar.

2. Then, click 'Create a Group'.

3. Type a name for your group (this will be visible to your learners).

4. (optional) Type a group description

5. Select an icon or upload one of your own (max file size is 200KB)

How to Edit a Group:

From within your group, click on 'Group Settings'.

  • You can edit the Group's name, description, and icon.

  • You can un-click 'Enable Leaderboard' if you no longer wish for your learners to see the leaderboard in your group.

  • You can delete the group. Deleting the group will not delete the learner accounts, but you may lose access to them if you haven't moved them to another group.

Adding a Co-Admin:

  1. From within your group, click on 'View and manage administrators', which is below your name.

  2. Click ''Add an Administrator'

  3. Type the email address of the co-admin you wish to add. They must have a Simbi account and have a Simbi for Educators subscription.

Co-admins are able to create & manage the group member's assignments, listen-in to narrations, provide verbal feedback on narrations, view activity pages and edit learners' grade levels.

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