If you are subscribed to Simbi for Educators, you are able to create learner accounts. First, you need to create a group. Then, you can add learners to the group.

How to create a new learner account:

  1. Go into the group where you want to add the learner

  2. Click 'Add Readers'

  3. Click 'Create accounts for readers'

  4. Enter learner information

    • One at a Time

      • Type the learner's name that will be displayed on their Group and throughout the platform

      • Type the learner's email address, which can be used for Google or Microsoft single-sign on. They will also receive emails from Simbi when they have a new assignment, teacher feedback, and weekly progress report. They can decline email notifications in their settings.

      • Type the parent's email address. They will receive a weekly progress report for their child.

      • Add their grade level. This will be used to suggest books for them in the Library and on their Journey. Learners do not see their grade level.

    • CSV upload

      • Download the sample CSV file

      • Import your class list to the CSV file

      • Upload your CSV file to Simbi to add all your learner information at once

Option for learners to create their own account and join your group:

If you don't want to create your learners' accounts, your learners can create their own accounts with their parents at home. To do this, click 'Add Readers' then 'Share a link to this group' and copy the link. Share the link with your learner's family and it will lead them through the steps to create their own account and link them to your group.

❗️With this option, you will not be able to edit the learner's username or password, since their parents will manage the account.

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