If you are the manager of a learner account (you created the account), you will be able to edit their information.

1. From within their group, click on the 3 vertical dots to the right of their name.

2. Edit their information:

  • Name

  • Grade level

  • Username

  • Student Email

  • Parent Email

  • Password

Transfer reader ownership:

You have the option to transfer the account management ownership to another user. You can type in the name of any Simbi account email address and give them edit access to the learner's account. Doing so will remove your own edit access.

You can transfer to

  1. Another educator

  2. Back to the learner (parent consent is required)

  3. Parent

Remove reader:

If you wish to remove a learner from your group, you can click 'Remove Reader'. This does not delete their account. If you remove them from your group, you will no longer have access to their account. Make sure you have moved them to another group if you want to maintain access to them.

If you want to delete their account on Simbi, please reach out to us directly through the 'Help' chat or email [email protected].

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