Simbi learner accounts never expire, and all of a learner's information remains on their account! New teachers can listen-in to the learner's previous reading and track their progress from year to year.

Learner account ownership can be transferred from the original educator to another educator or to the learner's parent. Account owners have the ability to edit learner usernames and passwords and add co-admins. If you tried to create a learner account and received the error message that the email already exists, it's likely that the learner is owned by another educator.

If you don't need to manage the account but want the learner to be in your group, you may wish to send them the join link to your group instead.

Before transferring an account, the learner must already belong to the new owner's group.

To transfer a learner account, the educator who created the learner account should go through the following steps:
1. Go into the learner's group

2. Click the 3 dots (kebab) menu icon at the far right to open the learner settings

3. Click the 'transfer ownership' button

4. Type in the email address of the Simbi educator or parent to whom you wish to transfer the account. This email address must be an existing Simbi user.

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