Here's how we recommend setting up your groups for the year.

  1. Create 1 new group for your entire class and call it something like 'Mrs. Ferrell's 2022/2023 Learners'

2. Inside of this new group, click the 'Add Learners' button

3. Click 'Share a link to this group' button

4. Copy the link

5. Share this link with all the learners in your group who have Simbi accounts already. You could post it in your Google Classroom or email the link to all of these learners directly.

6. Learners follow this link, sign in to their Simbi accounts, and then click 'join' to join your new group

If you have learners in your class that do not have a Simbi account from a previous year, click 'Add Learners' and then 'Create accounts for Readers' button.

Watch this video to learn more about setting up your class for a new school year.

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